Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc.

This page is dedicated to more detailed information on programs and to provide an insight into other activities our members participate in; such as the Fairchild Ramble, Stitching in Public, etc.

YTT (Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow) Challenge for 2013

The YTT Challenge is open to all members of the Biscayne Chapter of the EGA. It will consist of  1-3 selected pieces, one in each category, to be completed by the December 2013 Meeting. Each item will be presented to a panel of 2 selected members for approval prior to inclusion in the challenge.  'Yesterday' should be an OLD piece that the member would really like to finish but has lacked motivation to do so, it should have no more than 25% already completed.  'Today' is a piece you have started or are currently working on with some stitching already completed. 'Tomorrow' will ideally be a new piece that you want to complete this year and should currently only have a token amount completed.  No piece shall have less than a 5inch x 7inch area to be stitched.

A Fun Weekend at the Fairchild Ramble
We participated in the Fairchild Ramble on Veterens' Day Weekend, the 9th, 10th and 11th of November, 2012.  It was a marvelous weekend with cool tempretures and a light breeze.  Our "booth" was located in a prime spot by the lake, and next to the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild and the Ceramics Guild.

We each brought our own stitching to display, and that created a nice rotating assortment of pieces.  We had Pat Hallock's quilt "Home is Where the Heart Is" on display.  Many people stopped by to admire the stitching and the quilt.

The American Needlpoint Guild manned the booth on Saturday and joined us on Sunday.




Beading with Judith Richardson
For our November meeting we we lucky enough to have beading enthusiast and teacher Judith Richardson with us.  She taught us the "Ndebele with a Twist."  I am sure many of us will use this techinque and make something beautiful.


We all had a great time with Judith. 

Some of our member choose to work on other projects like the Kissing Pillows and the Habitat for Humanity Sampler.
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